Does your busy life have you yearning and searching for a way to escape from it all? No time for a vacation? Simply put a Beachcomber Hot Tub in your home or garden. Whenever you feel the need to escape from daily stress, look no further than your own backyard vacation in your Beachcomber Hot Tub. High Technology with many facilities.

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Top mount cover

Spa Models

With our Beachcomber Spas you can choose any size and price you desire with confidence. Whether you are big, tall, not so tall or anything in between – we have a model to meet your needs! With 15 models to choose from, you can decide the size and features you want, to meet the price that you can afford. And remember a spa has visible health benefits.

Underwater mount

Features & Technology

Testing results shows us that we are over 30% more energy efficient on average than our competetors. Not everyone wants a vigorous massage, every time. That’s why our FlexJet Customization gives such popular options for our customers. They can mix and match Massage Inserts that hold different numbers of jets, to allow them to customize jet numbers.

Kids safe covers

Shapes & Colours

Building a spa is a modern form of sculpting, and one that will appeal to the buyers taste and also accomplish the best in form, fit and function. Most will agree that there is something magical about being in a Beachcomber with Everlite colored watered after dark. The magic begins when looking to the sky and gazing at stars while soaking in a spa with your loved one.

Spa Accessories

To further improve your Spa experience, you might consider acquiring some of the accessories available for our spas. Steps comes in different sizes and colours, Spa covers, water purification systems, special aromasoap that gives your spa a certain bubble-feel. We can guarantee, that the list of accessories will not disappoint you.
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